Sunday, February 15, 2009

Anniversary Trip

We went to St. George for our two year anniversary and stayed in a bed and breakfast. Last night me and Scotty were talking about how all in all we have only known each other for five years, but it feels like I have know him all my life. Poor little Isaiah didn't get to come along on this trip, I know, I know, against all motherly instincts, after eight weeks, but I think that after a new born it is good to get away just the two of you. I have to say though I didn't realize how much we would miss him.

We went to the temple and did sealings, we are trying to do it every annivesary. I love it because it reminds me of our wedding day and all of the blessings that we are promised, if we keep our promises to the Lord.

We also went mountain biking, and it was pretty much the first time since I had the moose, lets just say I was pretty saddle sore after, but SO worth it!!!

A Little Catching Up To Do

I just learned how to upload pics to your computer, I know crazy it is the 20th century and I am just learning how to upload pics. Anyhow I will just pick a few of the couple hundred that I downloaded to get caught up to speed. I am about five months behind on my blog, so lets start with our cross country trip when Isaiah was five weeks old. We found a good deal on a natural gas vehicle. The only problem was that it was in New York, the other problem was that it was 1,000 dollars to ship it out here. So kind of joking, kind of serious, I suggested that we go pick it up. That is when my weasel genes kicked in, it sounded like the perfect adventure, and after being home with a new little one, I was in need of an adventure, so I brainstormed how I was going to make this work. First I called the only one I knew working in the flight industry and traded buddy passes for dinner. Then we called up friends in D.C., New York, and Scott's sister in Chicago to stay with. The trip was made, and I crossed my fingers Isaiah would like the long car trip, because we had to over 2,500 miles to return the car home. It worked out and it was quite the adventure, I pumped while semi trucks drove by, and then I would hop in the backseat and feed Isaiah from a bottle, every two hours, good are some pics from the trip.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Decision Has Been Made For Now

O.k. so Isaiah it is, I am in the process of going to county department to see the process of the change. Hopefully it is not a crazy process. I just really like the meaning and to me he is an Isaiah and so maybe the next crazy tike will be Kai to me. Anyhow I am loving the blogging world, friends thanks for commenting I have to figure out how to comment on yours and upload pics, and a background to update my still ghetto blog!! Thanks Whit for the tips I am going to try. So a little update on life, I just got a job at Novell teaching yoga. Tuesdays 12 to 1. I went today and it was all men, I have never taught a yoga class with all mean. Lots of energy and testosterone where flowing through the room. I was kind of nervous because I taught as a trial run today, and it went well so he gave me the job. Crazy, how do you juggle so many balls, and where is the balance of too much. I know I am doing too much right now. I have got to talk to my current employer and go part time, like two days a week, or quit all together. I have taken Isaiah to work with me a lot, he has done it all for such a little guy, ski, climb, snowshoe. O.k. sorry no pics still and a lot of rambling but that is the update from my end, can't wait to read all of your blogs!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's In a Name????

O.k. so I am still trying to figure out how to put pictures on but as soon as I do I will post pictures of Isaiah/Kai's blessing. Yes you did read correctly Isaiah/Kai is his current name because he has a very confused mama still trying to place a name on him. We blessed him Isaiah and his birth certificate reads Kai so we are in the process of choosing one. Long story which I will have to post later. Lets just say I love the meaning of Isaiah, gift from God, I didn't think I could get pregnant, and so when I did I felt like he was a little gift from God. It is also the first name that we picked out and when we did the open the baby book and whatever lands on you name them game, it landed on Isaiah. Anyway, I love the name Kai as well, and we have already called him that for four months, so I am kind of in limbo right now. But when I decide which has to be soon, I will post the decided name and pics of his blessing. Poor kid, he has a crazy mom!!

P.s. how do i put a better background than white on my blog, scotty said that are blog was ghetoo, I got a little defensive, and then I had to side with him, it is a little ghetto but it's a work in progress