Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Little Beans

Fall Leaves

Halloween, Finally posted


Singing time at Nanna Debbie's, here is lullaby time where we all  lay down on pillows, and listen to my mom play the guitar.  Doesn't last long but when it does it it is an amazing thing!

More singing time fun! Isaiah acting his part, of SUPERMAN, gearing up to fight the bad guys.

Maybe's pumpkin patch, we let all of the kids after singing go pick a pumpkin.  So cute. They have a huge field full of pumpkins, and in the fall  a corn patch.  Their field reminds me of growing up all of the big fields that hadn't been developed yet.  There farm is one of the last and I hope they hold  out and don't sell it.

Halloween was so cute. Skye we dressed up as a puffy little kitty cat, and Isaiah of course was superman. We went to a dinner at Rebecca Davidson's house beforehand. She went all out making little witches out of bread rolls, sun-dried tomatoes for noses, olives for eyes, and little cut out pumpernickle bread hats. She also rolled 150 tootsie rolls by hand to make little spiders.

Afterwards we went trick or treating at a few houses. Isaiah was so cute. He kept stopping after every house and eating the piece of candy. I had to laugh, needless to say we only made it to a few houses. We then went and got hot chocolate and homemade donuts at our neighbors house. So good, too good, I ate three.
After that we went to my Grandparents to show off thier cute costumes, they loved seeing them.
Fun filled night, and a lot of sugar.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skye Had Her First Birthday!!!!

this little hat was a gift from grandma, here she is with her grandma nancy
Her first diaper change, way to go scotty
a sweet baby pic, I love girls you can dress them up with bows!
the nurse totally cut her head out of the picture, our only pic leaving the hospital, bummer
Right after she was born.
Our sweet Skye!
(I will post more pics later, I don't have them on this computer and don't why the one of her is so little)

Baby Skye arrived!!! I think if she would have waited any longer I would have imploded from the inside, haha. My moms prayers were answered because she came the day after my brother got home from his mission, so I could be in the airport and see him.

Constantly I had people telling me I was going to pop or that I should get a back brace. I carry all out front and she was almost a pound bigger than Isaiah so my belly was quite impressive. Anyway, she is the calmest sweetest baby she has a very peaceful presence which is something we are not used to coming from a rowdy two year old. I love the new born stage. I thought I wasn't a big new born person, because I love the busyness when they get older and are talking and so excited to be learning things. But I have noticed with my second that I cherish those moments of holding them when they are so cuddly and small, because I know those moments are fleeting.

Her birth story is much like her personality. Isaiah came out like spit fire in three hours start to finish. She was a little slower, not much, she was more like ten five hours. My labor started after I went swimming in the morning, which I highly recommended to all pregnant people, it feels so good to swim pregnant and have the weight off!! Anyway, I started having what I thought was fake contractions, and went into the midwives for my check up. I saw my friend who delivered me. She checked me and said I was a three and 80% efaced. I didn't believe her because they had checked me two week previous, and said I was dilated to a two, only to find out the next week I wasn't dilated at all---go figure?? So I went home and got Isaiah to go over to our house we are remodeling. We played in the backyard in the garden box digging up dirt with dump trucks, you got to love boys. The contractions came on a little stronger, but I still thought it wasn't real. I had this fear I would go to the hospital and they would send me home. Also the contractions didn't feel strong enough because with Isaiah they were so strong. After they didn't stop I started thinking this might be real. I told Scotty that we should go to the hospital. He was I think surprised because it was a pretty mild labor and so we both didn't know if it was really happening. I got to the hospital and they checked me I was dilated to a five. I asked the nurse if they were sending me home, she just laughed at me. Luckily they don't send you home if you are a five. They immediatley hooked me up to antibiotics, because I tested positive for strep and then called my midwive, which was my roomate from college. Fun huh. She showed up and we reminisced about Peru and our study abroad there. We were laughing about hiking the Inca trail and all puking our guts out, and one of our friends puking all over my shoes which I had to hike in the next two days, and about me hallucinating and in the tent....good times. During talking I got to get in the tub, which I was thrilled about because Isaiah came so fast there wasn't time. I got out and she checked me I was worried I hadn't dilated at all. I got out of the tub and put on my hypno babies in my cd player, because I couldn't find my ipod. To anyone wanting to go natural I highly recommended the hypno babies program. I listened to the CD that was all about visualizing her coming. I can honestly say I didn't feel pain, pressure yes, but not pain. With Isaiah it was definitley painful, because it was so intense and never let up. She checked me again and I was an 8 1/2 and completley efaced. I asked her if I was transitioning. She laughed and asked me if I had to ask her that. It felt so calm and peaceful and honestly such a spiritual experience I could feel her with me. A little while later I was fully dilated and she was kept in there by my water that had not broke, so they broke my water. All of the peaceful feelings that I was feeling went out the window. WOW, talk about fast and furious. She came in five minutes of me screaming and Scotty and the nurse holding my legs trying to get me to bend them, which I was not having. the reason it was so painful because she was posterior and flipped her shoulders coming out---owww. I remember looking up seeing this poor little nurse in the back of the room that was prego,her eyes were as big as saucers. I thought I am ruining her to ever wanting to give birth.
All worth it though, because they handed me the sweetest bundle, and a rush of love and I can't believe i really get a baby out of this hit me. Wow being a mother is so amazing!! I love giving birth. She was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Isn't He Adorable

Where does time go?? I haven't posted in awhile, and I have birthday pics for Isaiah that I still need to post. Look at this little picture, he is growing up so fast. I already feel that twinge of don't grow up, stay little so I can let you sit on my lap and read truck books.

I am excited for number two to join the picture. I haven't officially announced it on the blog but I am PREGO!! This is probably old news to most of you, but I felt a little announcement was in order for those of you who don't know. I am 16 weeks along right now. The crazy thing is I forget most days that I am pregnant, except for when I am running in the morning and it takes a little more work. Life has been so crazy as of late that sometimes I look down at my little bump and remember I am pregnant-sorry little one- I promise to remember you. I am greatful that I feel better that the nauseousness has stopped, and I have started getting a little energy back so that I feel normal enough.

I can't wait to add another smiling face to my life. I swear I laugh everyday as a mom. Isaiah has been learning a lot of words lately, one of them being burp. He thinks it is hilarious to say burp when he burps, the funny thing anything that comes out of his mouth he thinks is a burp. The other day my Grandma was over, she is the sweetest most proper woman I know. While she was over Isaiah burped and thought it was so great, that he wanted my Grandma to burp. He kept saying to her, I want burp, I want burp. It was a riot to watch my Grandma's reaction. She gently told him, Honey Grandma is not very good at that. It made me smile.

Some other exciting news, is we might be buying a house. We have been looking for a house to accommodate our growing family, and found a cute little fixer upper with three bedrooms upstairs. The only thing holding me back, (scotty is sold on it), is the kitchen, but with some tender loving care I think it will be a perfect fit.

More great news is that I am starting a website to teach steps to creating a whole foods kitchen. It is in the works, and has kept me running the last little while, but I am really excited about it. I will post more when it is up and running. I think three more weeks and we should be done!!! Yeah!! And then my sweet little bump I can slow down.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner in 20 minutes, Heirloom Tomatoes and Fresh Mozerrella Pizza

Summer seems like it just keeps rolling along even if I am not ready for it to be compeletly done. The days are starting to get shorter, and my morning runs seem like they are going back to running in the dark. Lately I just have wanted to eat a lot of fresh produce and cook very little. This is one of those meals, a margherita pizza, with fresh garden tomatoes, and fresh mozzerella. It is quick and easy, and always a crowd pleaser. The secret to making this dinner so fast and easy is I get the dough for the crust at California Pizza Kitchen. They sell the thier dough already rolled out for you for ONE DOLLAR. They are smaller pizzas so I normally buy two. In fact I actually just bought six last time and froze the extras for when I need to take a meal to someone, or for a quick weeknight dinner. They sell white, or whole wheat multi grain dough. I always go for the whole wheat multi grain dough because the dough is still light and is a little better for you.
It is hard to tell from these pictures what is on this pizza. What you are looking at is yellow and red hierloom tomatoes from Jacobs Cove Farm, which is an amazing place where they grow so many different varieties of organic tomatoes.
Here is what the crust comes like, already rolled out for you, and ready to go.
Fresh Tomato and Mozzerella Pizza
Caifornia Pizza Kitchen Multigrain dough
Red Sauce
Fresh Mozzerella
Garden Tomatoes
Fresh Basil
Spread the sauce on, then top with thinly sliced cheese, and next the tomatoes. Sprinkle on chopped basil, salt and pepper, and a little parmesan on top. I baked mine in a 400 degree oven on a pizza stone for about 15 minutes.
Tip: to make this gluten free, I have topped a portobella mushroom before with sauce, the tomatoes, and cheese, wrapped it in tinfoil and baked it at the same temperature until the mushroom is soft. Then take off the tinfoil and broil it to melt the cheese.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Windy Rivers

We just took a backpacking trip to the Wind Rivers, or should I say the "windy rivers". The wind blows so fast there it makes the clouds run by. It was a lot of fun, our original plan was to back pack in Isaiah. Luckily Scottie's sweet sister took him last minute. I am so glad that we changed our plans and decided not to take him. Don't worry Isaiah we are going to take you down south to camp. Scotty and I were both itching to take him camping because he would love it. What we didn't think of was the cold temps at night and the hike in. One night it got down to 17 degrees. I slept really warm which was a blessing, but the morning was COLD. The hike in was amazing, the scenery in the Cirque is breathtaking, massive peaks on all sides for a 360 view. But the hike was not conducive to little ones, we hiked 9-10 miles in and the last three were boulder hopping. Without Isaiah and all of his stuff our pack were already heavy, we brought food for an army.
It turned out to be a really amazing trip, I read a ton and finished a really good book, Scotty went on a multi pitch climb up the face of a steep cliff, and I hiked to the top of a peak. It had been way to long since both of us had been backpacking and I almost felt like a novice all over again, wondering what to pack, what food to bring. It made me want to go again soon. The joy of being outside all day long and having nothing to do was glorious.
My perch rock that I laid in my sleeping bag on a rock and read, it cut out all of the wind.

An amazing lake of glacier water that we all jumped into.

More reading, wow I think this is the most I have read in years.

Hiking, this was the base of our camp ground.

Scotty on his multi pitch climb. When his mom saw his pictures, she started crying and said "maybe you married the wrong girl, I can't believe she would let you do this". The climb was not very technical but really exposed and high. As a side note Nancy was joking we are really close, and I believe she Nancy is the best mother in law you could ever ask for.