Thursday, June 11, 2009

Basment for Rent

So our basement is now open for rent, 650 a month, we split utlitlies if you know of anyone that is looking let us know!! Oh it is two bedrooms, one bath, in Orem by the mouth of the canyon.

Dream Sheepy

Calling all mothers, this is the greatest invention ever made, the sleep sheep. Or as we like to call it the sheepy. Isaiah loves this sound maker, we snuck a few pics of him at nap time, because it was so cute. It's a stuffed animal that doubles as a sound maker. Whenever he goes to sleep we just hand him the sheepy and he tucks it under his arm and goes to bed. Little ones are so adorable aren't they! This is for you Jenny, I am posting some pics of Isaiah, so you can see him clear out in D.C., he misses his favorite aunt.

One time we lost the sheepy at Old Navy.  Isaiah loved to take it everywhere with him.  I realized we had lost it and he HAD to have it to sleep.  I went back to Old Navy determined to do whatever it took to find the sheepy.  They had thrown it away because it was so loved and tattered.  I told them that I wanted to get in the dumpster and find it--true love right there--but they wouldn't let me because of company policy.  So I convinced one of the workers to get in the dumpster and find it.  Find it they did and with a good wash, sheepy was back in Isaiah's hands.

Wally World

Me and Scotty took a little trip down to Wally World a couple of weekends ago. Kind of a random trip, it all started when Scotty came home from work and said that a guy at his work said he could get us free tickets to Disneyland. Which is great but you still need a way there which is pricey. While he was telling us the story, his friend was thier who's husband works for United. She said I can get you guys buddy passes if you want to go. No more coxing needed I was sold, free tickets in and buddy passes, what more could you ask for. It was way fun, we left little Isaiah home with my mother in law and ventured off to the wonderful land of Disney. Sorry little guy your turn will come when you are a little older.
Anyway, it was kind of an adventure getting there because they wouldn't let us rent a car because we didn't have a credit card just a debit card. Luckily our friends Nate and Katy, hooked us up with a ride, and a trip to Venice beach. They had never been thier so we convinced them of the necessity of seeing it once in your lifetime. Yes, if you have been thier the walking on glass crazy caribean man is still there, as well as the street dancers who do a backflip over five people, and my personal fav. the piano man. (my reaction to disgusting, pot bellied man, that was getting his groove on)

The next day we went to Disneyland. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, it was dead!! We did all the rides in both parks twice. Tower of Terror was my favorite, the drop is so fun, I couldn't help but grab Scotty's and the guy next to me hand. Good times, Scotty laughed so hard on all the rides, it was fun feeling like a little kid cruising around Disneyland. Yep, it is a magical place!!! (for all of you wondering if I am growing a sweet mustache, it's his whisker)
The next day we went home and the ride to the airport was interesting to say the least, lets just say public transit in southern california is not recomended unless you belong to a gang, or have a forty in a paper bag. Needless, to say we made it back in one peice. Good times!