Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Little Beans

Fall Leaves

Halloween, Finally posted


Singing time at Nanna Debbie's, here is lullaby time where we all  lay down on pillows, and listen to my mom play the guitar.  Doesn't last long but when it does it it is an amazing thing!

More singing time fun! Isaiah acting his part, of SUPERMAN, gearing up to fight the bad guys.

Maybe's pumpkin patch, we let all of the kids after singing go pick a pumpkin.  So cute. They have a huge field full of pumpkins, and in the fall  a corn patch.  Their field reminds me of growing up all of the big fields that hadn't been developed yet.  There farm is one of the last and I hope they hold  out and don't sell it.

Halloween was so cute. Skye we dressed up as a puffy little kitty cat, and Isaiah of course was superman. We went to a dinner at Rebecca Davidson's house beforehand. She went all out making little witches out of bread rolls, sun-dried tomatoes for noses, olives for eyes, and little cut out pumpernickle bread hats. She also rolled 150 tootsie rolls by hand to make little spiders.

Afterwards we went trick or treating at a few houses. Isaiah was so cute. He kept stopping after every house and eating the piece of candy. I had to laugh, needless to say we only made it to a few houses. We then went and got hot chocolate and homemade donuts at our neighbors house. So good, too good, I ate three.
After that we went to my Grandparents to show off thier cute costumes, they loved seeing them.
Fun filled night, and a lot of sugar.