Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homeade Applecider

Pictured here are the best neighbors in the world, Bud and Marylin Cowley!! They have taught us many things, along with how to make apple cider. Let me tell you, you have not had applecider until you have had homemade apple cider. After we tasted it we wished that we had gotten boxes of apples to make apple-cider with. We just got some from a neighbor last minute. Next year we will be armed and ready with a few boxes of apples to make the tastiest treat. I say treat ,because it is so sweet, without having to add anything to it. This press that we used is over thirty years old. It is so cool it cuts all of the apples up and then smooshes the juices out of it. Isaiah was loving playing in the leaves.


Here is my cutest little chicken, every time I looked at him I had to laugh, as he waddled around the house. He even had a cute little padded butt.
The crew at Halloween. There are 26 granchildren on Scottie's side. Isaiah is number 25. Here they are at the annual Halloween party. Too bad, I had food poisoning and missed out on all of the fun. Lucky for me, my family did one too, and we got to take Isaiah trick or treating (or should I say Scott). We made him go up to some houses by himself, it was hysterical. They just looked at him, and said trick or treating with the big kids huh. I will have to get some photos from that night, because Scotty came straight out of an IFA catalog, he was a dream!! Unfortunatley we forgot our camera which happens all to often.

The little chicken and princess. Isaiah and his little cousin Kate. They are little buddies.

Friday, November 20, 2009

When opportunity knocks

So here are pics from a cookbook that I just wrote. I know crazy, huh. It all started when I emailed green smoothie girl, aka Robyn, to tell her that I was impressed with what she was doing and that I wanted to know how I could do something with my passion for cooking. She emailed me back, and told me she was looking for someone to collaborate with on a recipe book. So I jumped on it and we created a book called Healthy Holiday Recipes for Rave Reviews. You should check it out @ You have to go to her blog to read about it, or they sell it at the store on her site. It has been a lot of fun. So here is a pic of Isaiah drinking the shrek icecream. If you have picky eaters and want to get more greens in them, try a green smoothie. Whitney taught me that trick a long time ago that she learned from the green smoothie girl on u tube. He loves them, and so do me and Scotty we have one everyday. Anyway, the cookbook is a whole bunch of recipes, that are all naturally sweetened, mostly dairy free, and all whole grains. Check it out!