Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mooses Smiles Make My Day

The moose is so smiley and hilarious as of late, so I just had to post an updated video, of how cute my little moose is. I swear that nothing makes me smile wider or laugh harder than when he smiles. I think nothing tops bieng a mom, yes it even tops the best powder day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Leslie's Crazy Post Idea

So this was Leslie's idea, you should all try it, go to the sixth folder, and pick out the sixth picture, and blog about it. This is the little photo shoot that we had with Isaiah, so sweet!! Jessie did these photos for us and they where her first baby pics she ever took for someone. She did a good job! Anyway, I am going to update pictures of my little man. He is getting so big and he has mastered his first trick, no not a superman, or 360, but a ROLL.. Yes he is rolling. I am going to post a picture of him now a days, he is twice this size.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


O.k. so Scotty, and my friend's husband came up with a term for my random crazy moments, and forgetfullness, loosing keys, my mind ext.. They call it Debidas, it is my name and hers combined (bida), because she suffers from the same disease. This post is mostly is for you Bida, here is a prime example of a debidas moment.....
So the other day I am driving our lovely Jimmy, as seen above, it runs both on natural gas and gas, and I noticed that it was running low on gas. I called Scotty and he said that it would just switch over to normal gas. Well switch it did, right on the freeway, the only problem was that it was out of normal gas too!! So I start chugging away on the freeway, I ran out of gas on the freeway!! You might be thinking that is it, that is a Debidas moment, that is nothing. No it gets better. So I luckily get off the freeway and call my mom. While I am waiting for a reply from my mom, I decided to pump milk, maybe too much info, but it is part of the story. So anyway there I am pulling out all of the stuff to suit up, and I hear a knock on my window. I look up and it is a police officer,in training. He asks me if everything is o.k., and I told him that I ran out of gas. He says that he can give me a ride to fill up a gas cab. Luckily I was just preparing to pump, not pumping, anyhow, I got in the cop car, and his trainer was in the backseat, two cops, lucky me. So anyway we drive down to the gas station, and the first station, the can was stolen, so off to the second site. The cop nicely reminded me to wear my seat belt, anywhow to make a long story short, we filled up the car, and got back to the Jimmy. This is where the story becomes DEBIDAS, I toatly locked my keys in the car. The story has a happy ending though, it ended with two cop cars, and three cops, and two wire hangers later, I got gas enough in my car to get to the gas station, and my keys back. So if you made it through this story good job!!