Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Toddlers Strike

Has anyone experienced this, mom is distracted, and toddler takes advantage. Here is a picture of Isaiah dumping a full thing of baking soda all over the ground. I was unloading food from a cooking class and while my back was turned, Isaiah saw the opportunity strike to pounce on an innocent bag of baking soda. When I turned back around, and saw the white floor, my initial reaction was AAAHHH, but then when I saw how proud of his little art work he was I had to grab the camera and laugh. Little kids have a way of melting you, with their little smiles, I swear if they weren't so cute.

Life has been busy,I have been cooking like a mad woman for Cafe Fresh helping them develop a new gluten free menu! It is a work in progress, but a lot of fun.

My goal for this year is to stay on top of blogging!! It is such a fun record of everyday events that we don't usually take the time to sit down and write, at least some of us, or maybe just me!

Growing Up

Wow I am super behind. I have pictures since Christmas, ha ha I am a slacker in the blogging world. I loved this picture, Isaiah putting on daddies boots. He is getting so big and mimics everything that we do. It is crazy how aware kids are. The other day Isaiah got a hold of a q-tip and was cleaning out his ears, and brushing his teeth with the other hand. I love my little side kick with me all day.