Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cruising on the Limo

Finally warm weather has arrived. We pulled out our favorite family cruiser, which we like to call the limo. It is so much fun, and the moose just sleeps the whole time, he loves the chariot, I can run, cross country ski, and bike with him in it, he loves all three. We took it to the park today and had a picnic. Cross your fingers that the weather stays good.

One time I took him cross coutnry skiing in it and pulled him up a really steep hill.  I didn't think about the coming down part.  Poor kid we got going and I tipped over.  I looked in to see if he was ok and he had the funniest look on his face, but he didn't make a peep.  I tipped him right side up and we both had a laugh and then kept going.  I love getting out with Isaiah he is the best little partner and side kick!


Kristjian, yes we are not closet hippies any longer, we are official. We just bought a few hundred bees and two hives to harvest our own honey. Our neighbor has an orchard that we put them in. It was Scott's fabulous idea, our friend Mike gave us some honey from his hives and it was so good we decided to do it. Scotty is in love with them, it has replaced the garage for his favorite place to go.

Australia is Lucky

Jesse my little brother just left to Australia on his mission. It was so surreal sending my little, not so little, brother to the MTC. It brought back so many memories of my mission and the MTC. I loved the MTC I had a hilarious companion that made me laugh every day. She was my favorite companion of my whole mission. She almost killed an elder with a snowball, she played college ball and had quite the arm. He had tried to hit me with a snowball, and she had my back. Him and his companion actually hid from us at gym time and finally waved a white flag, a napkin on a stick, for a treaty so that she wouldn't kill him. Good times. Suprisingly I was more excited than sad to see him go, because I know what an amazing and life changing experience it is to serve a mission. Jesse will grow so much, and the people of Australia will too getting to know him. Crazy enough I had a dream right after that I was serving another mission and when I left the MTC I was like I made a mistake I need to raise my baby, crazy, maybe I am sleep deprived!!