Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kai's Baby Pics!!

We had these done when Kai was four weeks old, he is now four months old, but still the same I thought I would catch up over the last little bit and post them. Also because I think he is so darn cute. We had Scotty's friend take them, these are the first baby pics that she has ever done. She just came to our house and started clicking away. She does a really good job and she is super affordable, I will post her website as soon as I remember it. Anyway, this Sunday we are blessing Kai can you believe how time flies!!!

Our favorite little moose, in his little moose suit, compliments of my mom!!
This shelf is a that Scotty built, with no wood tools!! What a handy man.
No Scotty is not strangling Kai, but I love his little face here
For all of you who thought why bother checking Desiree's blog there never is anything there, I bet your glad you did. I am finally putting a post!! Part of the problem is that I am not really sure how this whole blog thing works, so if any of you want to give me a lesson it would be much appreciated that way I could finally enter the blogging world. So here is the update on my crazy life, I am currently working full time at a treatment center as a recreational therapist. I know your thinking what is a recreational therapist, basically I teach teenage girls skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, ext. basically anything you can do outside, in hopes that they will use their free time more productively when they leave treatment, instead of doing drugs and alcohol. It's rewarding and fun but hard with Kai, so I might not be working for that much longer, we will see. Scotty was working from home and watching him but now he has started a different job, so that is why it has gotten crazy at our household.

Sunday, January 4, 2009