Thursday, July 30, 2009

One way to eat an oarnge

Don't you love babies, exploring, putting everything in thier mouth to try and figure out.

San Jorge (pronounced san horhey)

This was one of the first real trips that we have taken the moose on and it couldn't have been more fun!!! My parents got a condo in St. George, and it is a blast, right next to all the mountain bike trails, pool, tennis courts, if you are reading this and craving a dose of sun and fun, let me know and we can take a trip. Here is Isaiah's first time swimming, it was funny he kept trying to drink the pool water.

We decided to road bike with the moose up Snow Canyon, Scotty was a rock star, because once you left the bike path and started climbing the road it was steep. I could bearly make it not pulling Isaiah. Isaiah loves it he just chills and watches the scenery.

Scotty hates this picture he thinks that he looks gay, I beg to differ. I thought the below picture of the moose was so cute, I think he is going to grow up to be the next rocker.