Thursday, September 9, 2010

Windy Rivers

We just took a backpacking trip to the Wind Rivers, or should I say the "windy rivers". The wind blows so fast there it makes the clouds run by. It was a lot of fun, our original plan was to back pack in Isaiah. Luckily Scottie's sweet sister took him last minute. I am so glad that we changed our plans and decided not to take him. Don't worry Isaiah we are going to take you down south to camp. Scotty and I were both itching to take him camping because he would love it. What we didn't think of was the cold temps at night and the hike in. One night it got down to 17 degrees. I slept really warm which was a blessing, but the morning was COLD. The hike in was amazing, the scenery in the Cirque is breathtaking, massive peaks on all sides for a 360 view. But the hike was not conducive to little ones, we hiked 9-10 miles in and the last three were boulder hopping. Without Isaiah and all of his stuff our pack were already heavy, we brought food for an army.
It turned out to be a really amazing trip, I read a ton and finished a really good book, Scotty went on a multi pitch climb up the face of a steep cliff, and I hiked to the top of a peak. It had been way to long since both of us had been backpacking and I almost felt like a novice all over again, wondering what to pack, what food to bring. It made me want to go again soon. The joy of being outside all day long and having nothing to do was glorious.
My perch rock that I laid in my sleeping bag on a rock and read, it cut out all of the wind.

An amazing lake of glacier water that we all jumped into.

More reading, wow I think this is the most I have read in years.

Hiking, this was the base of our camp ground.

Scotty on his multi pitch climb. When his mom saw his pictures, she started crying and said "maybe you married the wrong girl, I can't believe she would let you do this". The climb was not very technical but really exposed and high. As a side note Nancy was joking we are really close, and I believe she Nancy is the best mother in law you could ever ask for.

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Beeta said...

Des...You are the cutest little partner in crime a girl could ask for. I think it's time team debeetas hung out again. SERIOUSLY! I miss you! It looks like you guys had tons of fun. The pictures are beautiful! I guess we're super glad we didn't bring the munchkins? :)